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BLAITEK AI Application


BLAITEK provides services for integrating AI applications into AI chips. The scope of AI services includes the following mainstream applications (continuously adding)

  1. Object Detection: Detect objects in the picture (Detection) and locate (Localization) these objects.

  2. Keypoint Detection: Detect the position of key points in an object, or locate the position of bones in the human body.

  3. Face Landmark: Detect features in the face, such as left and right eyes, nose, left and right mouth.

  4. Face Recognition: Use facial feature information for identity identification.

  5. Speech Recognition: Convert human language content into corresponding text.

BLAITEK AI Toolchain

BLAITEK provides AI tools to help customers integrate third-party models into AI chips

  1. translator: Translate the AI ​​model of the third-party platform into the model of the BLAITEK platform

  2. optimizer: optimizes 32-bit floating-point operations to 8/16-bit fixed-point operations.

  3. instruction generator: Generate AI chip instructions for third-party models.

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